Conflict Resolution

Ovid-Elsie Area Schools strives to provide the students, parents and community with the best service possible. We recognize that at times, communication may break down and result in conflict.

Take your concern to the person closest to the problem.

Often a concern is a misunderstanding or an oversight. These concerns can easily be remedied. It is a good idea to keep lines of communication open with staff by talking with them not only when there are concerns, but also when things are going well.

If your concern is not resolved, go to the next level.

Subordinates, such as teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, etc., reserve the right to meet with concerned constituents with other colleagues or the administration present.

In order to provide you with quality and efficient service, please follow the proper steps of the flowchart:

Level I
Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Playground Aids, Kitchen Staff, Bus Drivers, Mechanics, Custodians, Technicians, Coaches

Level II
Building Principals, Food Service Director, Director of Buildings/Grounds/Maintenance/Custodial/Transportation, Director of Information and Technology, Athletic Director, Director of Community Services and Special Education

Level III

Level IV
Board of Education