Middle School Announcements 2/27/19
Middle School Announcements 2/27/19
Randy Barton
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Announcements 2/27/2019

Good Morning staff and students welcome back to Ovid-Elsie Middle School where we are inspiring life-long learners to achieve their full potential and excel in a changing world. Today is Wednesday February 27th, 2019.  Please stand for the pledge: I pledge allegiance to the flag …

  • Why is smiling a part of our kindness challenge?  Because a smile is contagious. When you see a smile the part of your brain that creates automatic responses is activated so that you smile too and as we already learned, smiling is a stress reliever and makes you healthier.

  • Student Challenge will be combined with the HIGH SCHOOL this week on THURSDAY in the HIGH SCHOOL WOODSHOP from 7:15AM to 7:45AM

  • Science Olympiad practice is today after school in Mr. Wertz’s room from

3:00 - 4:30.

  • We still have additional boxes of chocolates available for any 8th Grade students still selling. Please return money ASAP.

  • I know that you’ve all been waiting eagerly for Mrs Holley’s Chuckle Time, so with no further ado:

  • QUESTION:  What are the strongest days of the week?

  • ANSWER:  Saturday and Sunday because the rest of the days are weekdays!

  • Finally we have only 1 birthday today and he knows who he is.  Mr Belill is blessed to be aging backwards today and grows younger with every minute!  Happy Birthday Mr Belill.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!