Announcements 04-19-2019
Announcements 04-19-2019
Claire Holley
Friday, April 19, 2019

Announcements 04/19/2019

Good Morning staff and students welcome back to Ovid-Elsie Middle School where we are inspiring life-long learners to achieve their full potential and excel in a changing world. Today is Friday April 19th, 2019.  Please stand for the pledge: I pledge allegiance to the flag …

  • For this week’s Kindness Challenge:  share what makes you happy, when people share a sense of connection oxytocin is released which is known to relieve stress, improve immune function, and foster trust in human interactions, all of which contribute to greater well-being and happiness.

  • “For students attending the spring dance, there will be formal pictures taken if you wish.  The cost is $5 for one 5x7 size print, and is CASH ONLY. Pictures taken at the dance will be delivered to the school for you to pick up after the event.”

  • We have three student birthdays today.  Happy birthday to Talan P, Jollee S and Xander S!  Have a great day guys! Over the weekend Cassidy H and Carter H are also celebrating their birthdays!  Happy Birthday!!

  • A reminder that the concessions stand will be open before, during and after the basketball game.  Pop will only be available for sale after.

  • One more reminder to make sure we have appropriate behavior during the basketball game. We need to pay attention, talk/cheer with a reasonable volume, and keep our hands to ourselves. The game should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

  • Have a fantastic Friday!