Announcements 04-18-2019
Announcements 04-18-2019
Claire Holley
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Announcements 04/18/2019

Good Morning staff and students welcome back to Ovid-Elsie Middle School where we are inspiring life-long learners to achieve their full potential and excel in a changing world. Today is Thursday April 18th, 2019.  Please stand for the pledge: I pledge allegiance to the flag …

  • For this week’s Kindness Challenge:  find out what your friend’s favorite treat is.  Taking an interest in what makes your friends happy is a great way of connecting with them and showing them that you care.

  • There are no bells today due to testing in the high school.  

  • Teachers for $5 you may purchase the right to wear jeans ALL WEEK next week!!!

  • We have a student birthday today.  Happy birthday to Nova! Have a great day!

  • A reminder that the concessions stand will be open tomorrow so bring your pennies for treats before, during and after the student/game.  Pop will only be available for sale after.

  • Please be aware that there will be some changes to the rules in the lunchroom beginning Monday.  Expectations will be laid out at the beginning of each lunch.

  • Have a wonderful Thursday!