Welcome to our Ovid-Elsie High School Virtual Open House. We are so glad to have you with us whether you are a Face to Face or a Marauder Virtual student. We look forward to beginning this year’s educational journey with you on Tuesday, September 8th.

All high school students should watch the following videos:

School Procedures

Mr. Tokar - Principal

Mr. Gavenda - Assistant Principal

How to use Schoology for Students

How to use Schoology for Parents

Click on your teachers to watch their introduction videos:

Mrs. Baese - Special Education

Mrs. Bashore - Choir/Drama

Ms. Blank - English I A, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing

Mr. Belill - AP US History, MI History, US History

Mrs. Ehman - School Counselor

Mr. Faziani - English II A, Creative Writing

Mr. Dahlke - Geometry

Mrs. Fanning - Personal Finance, General Business, Corporate Services, Business Math

Mr. Gavenda - Algebra II A, AP Calculus, Pre Calculus, Math Lab

Mr. Harger - World History A (I and II), Sports and Rec

Ms. Hoffman - Animal Bio A, Plant Bio, Advanced Ag Bio, Fish & Wildlife

Mrs. Ignash - Band

Mr. Johnson - Athletic Director, Strength and Conditioning

Mrs. Keck - Civics, Government

Mrs. Laurencelle - English III A, AP English, Writing & Film

Mr. Long - PE, Health, Strength

Mrs. McCormick - Biology A, Advanced Bio A, AP Bio

Mr. Nodarse - Spanish II A, Spanish I A

Mrs. Ott - English I A, Algebra I A, Health, Core Support

Mr. Pastula - Astronomy, Physics A, Stem, Math Lab

Mr. Puffpaff - RESA Digital Media Arts, Journalism, Broadcasting

Mrs. Shadbolt - Painting, Advanced Art, Intro to Art

Mr. Smith - Wood Tech I, Wood Tech II

Mrs. Somers - Core Support

Mr. Topping - Computer Application & Design, Chemistry A

Mrs. Weatherwax - Core Support

Ms. White - Algebra I A, Algebra II A