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Leonard Elementary Picture Day Rescheduled for October 13th

Due to a conflict with 3rd Grades Annie's Big Nature Lesson, Leonard has rescheduled picture day for Monday October 13th. EEK will still have pictures on October 10th as previously scheduled. Picture packets will be sent home 10 days prior to picture day.



Picture Day for E.E.Knight and Leonard  is OCTOBER 10TH.  If your student has not brought home a packet they are available in the school office.


Helping Students Get Along

Ovid-Elsie Area Schools would like to invite you to meet Dr. Marcia McEvoy and her renowned program “Helping kids get along” at our high school COMMUNITY ROOM on Wednesday, September 10, from 6:30-8:00 pm.  She is working with our students to focus on what they can control. Her topics include:

  • Understanding the difference between bullying and mean behaviors
  • Empowering bystanders
  • Responses when mean behavior occurs
  • Positive ways to handle mean behaviors
  • Empowering students to report when necessary

To fully understand this program and how we are using this program in our schools, please come join us this Wednesday at 6:30 in the high school COMMUNITY ROOM.


Family Training on ADHD

Patrick Wilson, O-E school counselor,  will be holding "Parent to Parent: Family Training on ADHD" classes. This is a multi-session, interactive and educational program for parents of children and adolescents with ADHD.  There is no cost. The class will meet for 7 2 hour sessions beginning September 17, 2014 and concluding October 29, 2014. The meetings will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the High School Community Room. To register or for more information contact Pat Wilson via e-mail at patrick.wilson@ovidelsie.org or call 834-2271, ext. 2120 (Leonard) or 3321 (EEK)



September 2nd - Kayla H.

September 4th - Heath P.

September 9th - Alexis H., Jacob S.

September 12th - Makayla J.

September 13th - Chase K.

September 14th - Aden M.

September 16th - Jasmine B.

September 18th - Ethyn B., Caitlyn K.

September 19th - Hanna B.

September 20th - Karina C.

September 21st - Brayden M.

September 22nd - Theron T.

September 23rd - Faith B., Diego C., Hannah M.

September 24th - Makenna P.

September 26th - Hunter B.

September 27th - Mitchell D., Kolby P.

September 28th - Brandon B., Austin N.

September 29th - Sierra W.



Helping Students Get Along at School!

Ovid-Elsie Area Schools would like to welcome back Dr. Marcia McEvoy! Dr. McEvoy worked with our staff last February.  She is a behavior psychologists working with our staff and students to reduce mean and cruel behavior.  She does an excellent job working with our staff and students to help them understand the impact of their behaviors on others. Dr. McEvoy is working with the middle school students today and tomorrow. She will be working with E.E. Knight and High School students next week. A parent information night will be Wednesday, September 10, at 6:30 p.m.  in the high school auditorium. 

For photos of Dr. McEvoy working with middle school students click below!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3


September Birthdays

                                                                                                              Posting date 08/27/2014

Birthdate Name Grade
1 Canze, Haven  8
2 Davis, Lauren Victoria 7
3 Thompson, Liam  8
4 Duckert, Joseph  7
6 Young, Michael  7
7 Nixon, Austin  7
8 Hebeler, Daron  7
12 Del Bosque, Logan  8
12 Sutliff, KayLee  7
13 Johnson, Luis  7
15 Boles, Samantha  7
15 Perkins, Treva  8
18 Hammond, Justin  8
19 Loynes, Jakob  8
19 Morgan, Hezakigha  7
19 Wicke, Jazmine  8
23 Coleman, Micayla  8
23 Fowler, Grace  8
23 Price, Cooper  7
25 Mehney, Alex  7
30 Soliz, Meghan  8



Events for the Week

                                                                                                               Posting date: 09/15/2014

Monday, Sept. 15th: Home Volleyball Game vs. Alma 4:30pm, Board Meeting 7pm in the Community Room in the High School.

Wednesday, Sept. 17th: Away Volleyball game at St. Loius 4:30pm.                                                                                                      


Leonard Daily Announcements

Please click here for Leonard's daily announcements


Middle School Fall Registration PaperWork

If you missed the parent meeting last week - don't worry - here are the forms! Please fill out or look over the information that pertains to you:

Emergency Medical Authorization Permit, gets filled out every year. Click here.

Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form, if you need your child to take any medication - prescreibed or over the counter please fill out this form - and have your doctor sign it as well. Click here.

Change of household information or transportaion change, fill out if you moved, have different phone numbers, would like different emergency contacts etc. Click here.

Exploratory Classes offered, here is a list of some new classes that we will be offering. Click here.

What is Schoology? Check out a new program that teachers, parents, and students will be using. Fill out the agreement form. Click here.

Please link your email to your child's Schoology account through Powerschool. Click here. **If you were at the meeting, you did this already. If you were not, this is essential! Even if you filled this out in the past, we need this to manual enter you this summer after our information roll over in July.

Reading Rewards, Mrs. Willbanks 7th grade class will be using this website. Click here.

Washington D.C. 2015 info - sign up now! Click here.







Ameresco and Ovid-Elsie Area Schools partner to save over a million dollars!

Ameresco identified and implemented over a million dollars of energy efficiency and operational improvements for the Ovid-Elsie Area Schools (OEAS) through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). The nearly $1.1 million ESPC is expected to save the Schools $61,538 annually in energy savings and includes facility improvements at all five of the Schools’ facilities.


Please click here for the full story.


Leonard November Newsletter

To access Leonard's November newsletter please click here.


Leonard October Newsletter

To view the Leonard October newsletter click here


Leonard: Upcoming Dates

Wednesday September 18- Boy Scouts Presentation (1st-3rd grade)

Thursday September 19- Picture Day

Friday September 20- Fundraisers Due

Tuesday October 8- MEAP Reading Day 1 (3rd grade only)

Wednesday October 9- MEAP Reading Day 2 (3rd grade only)

Tuesday October 15- MEAP Math (3rd grade only)


Help Us Reach Our First Brick Goal by August 15, 2013!

Dear Marauders:

We are proud of you as an Ovid-Elsie Area Schools supporter and for your as your invaluable service and commitment to our students and community. With that in mind, we would like to invite you to be a part of the Ovid-Elsi...e Memorial Monument.

The memorial monument that has been designed is a legacy for anyone and everyone who has been a part of the Ovid, Elsie, and surrounding communities. That would be you. The memorial will also serve as a reminder as to when the Ovid and Elsie school districts merged and created “Ovid-Elsie Area Schools” in 1967.

Enclosed you will find a flyer describing the monument. It is our hope that you will purchase a brick to be inlaid at the football stadium in the monument in recognition of the time you spent at Ovid-Elsie. As you can see by the flyer, there are different sizes, symbols, and other options to choose to design the perfect legacy.

The slate at the stadium that we would like to replace has been divided into four sections. It is our hope that with your help we will be able to have the equivalent of 1,000 bricks donated by August 15, 2013 in an effort to renovate and inlay the first new section by the first Homecoming football game in October. Ordering information is at: http://oemonument.donationbricks.com/

If you do not have access to the internet, paper order forms are in the Administration Office. Please pick one up there or, if you’re living a ways away, please call and we’ll send one out to you.

Know that this project will be ongoing for many years. We encourage you to use this unique opportunity as a gift idea for past people who may have touched your life or you’d like remembered forever. This project is being used by individuals as well as businesses. We encourage you to “spread the word” about the project.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Please call with any questions you may have.


Dana Blank, Strategic Planning Committee Brick Project Chairperson

Dr. Ryan L. Cunningham, Superintendent, Ovid-Elsie Area Schools

O-E Memorial Monument Fundraiser

Ovid-Elsie Area Schools is about to start a creative fundraising project that will also benefit our community and we want to encourage you to participate!

The O-E Memorial Monument will be replacing the old slat at the football stadium wit...h personally engraved giftbricks. It is designed to be a place to honor ANY person who has ANY tie to our community.

The first 1,000 giftbricks are going in the first section, which is to the left of the press box. If this section is where you'd like to place a brick, two, or seven... you may want to consider ordering in the next few weeks.

More information is available on the ordering website: http://oemonument.donationbricks.com/

Enjoy, and thank you in advance for your tax deductible donation to this project!


Find out more about FREE PRESCHOOL!!

CLICK HERE to learn about the Free PreSchool Program in the Great Start Readiness Program.


How to Create Your Parent Portal

What is the Parent Portal? PowerSchool's Parent Portal provides access to your student's current grades and attendance information. It also provides parents with the opportunity to keep contact information up-to-date to ensure you receive automated phone calls, texts and email alerts through our new automated system, PowerAnnouncement. 

First, you will need to obtain your student's access ID & access password. You can do that by contacting our PowerSchool Support Specialist, Kali Root at (989) 834-2271 x1204 or kali.root@ovidelsie.org (you will need this for steps 5 & 6 on the second step). Second, follow the 8 steps listed below on the Parent Portal "how-to":





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Volunteer/Chaperone Criminal Records Check

Please fill out this form when wanting to volunteer in the classroom/school or chaperone on a field trip.